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Morgantown Riverfront Revitalization Task Force November 2021

Morgantown Riverfront Revitalization Task Force

Meeting Notes

November 18, 2021

  1. MUB Sewage Overflow Point Signage

Emily sent a draft of the new sign design to the group prior to the meeting. Most agreed that it looked much better than the original version. The sign will have to receive MUB approval and then be approved by DEP. Emily thinks the signs can be installed by Spring 2022.

  1. New Murals at Riverfront

Jessica was very happy with the new “SHINE” mural that was recently installed on the low brick wall at Mountaineer Heritage Park. 

Vincent is working on getting a mural for under the Walnut Street bridge. The artist chosen is from Aurora, IL, and is currently working on a design. He should have that by the end of the year, and then it will be presented to the Arts Commission. Vincent is working with DOH as well to coordinate the installation and possibly remove the electric outlets that are currently under the bridge.

  1. Update on Treatment of Invasive Species

Ella Belling will make a funding request to the city to pay Allstar Ecology to treat the invasive species along the rail trail. The treatment will be applied to the stretch of land from Oliverio’s to the Waterfront Hotel and will be conducted over several years.

Other Updates:  Emily reported that the City received a grant to build a kayak rental facility at the riverfront. The other half has been budgeted for, and this can hopefully be built in the spring of 2022.

Drew stated that the City is applying for an EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant. If received, the funding could be flexible and used in several different ways.

MUB solicited public input on the future use of the Dinsmore Tire property it owns as part of the process of applying for an EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant. Emily suggested to the environmental consultant that they include BOPARC and this Task Force when seeking public comments.

  1. ADJOURN:  9:30 a.m.

Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) – Preliminary Evaluation

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