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Morgantown Riverfront Revitalization Task Force – April 25, 2024

Steve Selin, Chair of the MRRTF, opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m.

Steven introduced participant, Susan Riddle, Executive Director of the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

He also wanted to mention and promote the next meeting on May 30, 2024, which will feature Matt Galluzzo, CEO of Pittsburgh Riverlife, who will talk about the Pittsburgh riverfront development.  Steve urged members to spread the word and encourage folks to join in.

I.                     Working Session

Steve explained that he wanted the group to take a few moments and jot down a list of projects that would be pertinent to the riverfront/wharf district area. He then asked, in round robin fashion, for folks to list those, as well as ‘champions’ who may be instrumental in making these projects happen. (See attached for a bullet point list).  He explained that this list can be modified/updated as needed going forward, but will provide a very good base level starting point.

II.                   Riverfront News:  

Vincent announced that the summer concert season will be starting in less than a month and it will be full speed ahead through October with events at the Riverfront.  

Steven mentioned that Ella is working on a trail map and

III.                Informational:

Steve mentioned the upcoming primary election on Tues May 14th and urged folks to support the parks/trails levy by voting YES.  

Emily Chapman announced that the Kayak/Bike rental facility is now open for the season Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.  

IV.                Upcoming Events:  

Handmade Market, April 27th Wharf along the trail.  Morgantown Adventure Outfitters will have FREE rentals of bikes on the Mon River Rail Trail and kayaks for a paddle on the Upper Mon River Water Trail from 12 noon – 6 p.m. 

WV Cupcake and Beer Fest – April 27th Downtown, Courthouse Square

V.                  Adjourn:  Meeting ended at approximately 10:10 a.m.

Collaborative Projects List

  • Increase Fishing Access:   (Frank Jernejcic)   
  1. Access to concrete pier at base of dam
  2. Maintain fishing pier at power plant (upgrade)       Champions:  Frank Jernejcic / Army
  3. Publicize fishing opportunities (signs, other)     Corps of Engineers
  4. Observation Deck on top of dam
  • Site/Property Control (Rickie Yeager)
  • Engage in and support more recreational activities           Champion:  City
  • Pocket park near Clay/Hurley (currently vacant lot)
  • Develop marketing opportunities along riverfront (Mary Wimmer)              Champion:  CVB
  • Develop better entrance on Walnut Street                          Champion:  City
  • Picnic tables near lockers
  • More playgrounds of varying skill levels (Mayor Jenny)       Champions:  City/BOPARC
  • Pop-Up Shops along trail                                      Champion:  Robyn Hess, City Grant Writer
  • Food trucks near rental facility at designated times
  • Engage businesses with wharf opportunities (Andrew Gast-Bray)
  • Facilitate a “work outside” day                                Champions:  MRRTF/MRTC/ City
  • Facilitate a “multi modal transportation” day
  • MRRTF support of master plan process for wharf district
  • Access and activate better use of marina              Champions MRRTF/City/BOPARC
  • Install Dock at Core Arboretum (Emily Chapman)              Champion:  WVU??
  • Bike/Climbing Park at Riverfront                             Champions:  City/BOPARC
  • Lighting
  • More Public Art                                                          Champions:  City/BOPARC/WVDOH?
  • University Avenue Pedestrian Bridge 

Susan Riddle added that she feels the CVB is already engaged in promoting the Riverfront and Wharf District area by way of a mobile app, wayfinding signage, gateways to driving destinations, gravel trail initiative which builds out itineraries throughout much of NCWV.  She reiterated that the CVB is there to help support, enhance, and connect any dots that they can.

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