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Morgantown Riverfront Revitalization Task Force April 2023

Morgantown Riverfront Revitalization Task Force

April 27, 2023 from 9 – 10AM

Virtual Meeting: (

  1. Old Business
  1. New Business
    1. Review of April 13 cleanup
    2. Date for future trail-side cleanup?
    3. Morgantown Adventure Outfitters has a name…
    4. Plan for fence near lock and dam?

Next Meeting:  May 25, 2023 at 9 am via Zoom:

The April 13 riverfront cleanup went well. Several students and community members attended, as well as assessor and his staff. Ella would like to hold a future cleanup around Sargasso. Emily has been coordinating with WVU to incorporate students who need community service hours into future cleanup efforts. We could aim for another cleanup in the fall when students are back.

Morgantown Adventure Outfitters is open and is coordinating with City to install signs on all 4 sides of the building. They have new equipment available and new racks to store it all professionally. They got 10-15 people on April 22 to try biking/kayaking. They are currently open Friday-Sunday but will add Thursdays in the summer. They’re also running shuttles up Deckers’ Creek trail so people can bike back. 

Emily Chapman is going to coordinate with the City and MAP to do an official ribbon cutting in June. She will also loop in the CVB. Emily Muzzerelli suggested listing the facility on the CVB website as well since it fits with their current outdoor theme.

Emily is going to talk to folks at the city about maintaining medians on Don Knotts Boulevard, the possibility of using a rec trail grant to fund replacement of all sections of green fence that run along the Caperton and Decker’s Creek trails so they can be coordinated and redone in a sustainable material, and new signage for trail parking at Mountaineer Heritage Park.

Next meeting will be at the Depot at the Riverfront. Jessica will provide a recap of the group’s recommendations to City Management from 2020 so we can review process as well as an assessment form so the group can look at where things stand now.

The City is working on signage near Walnut Street to discourage excessive parking from Vic’s Towing people in trailside spots. 

Ron Justice reported that the Ascend co-working space will be opening soon. He asked that we add tour packages for visitors on biking and kayaking to the next agenda.

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