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City kayaking offers respite from COVID-19 gloom

There are so many things people can’t do right now because of the coronavirus.

Going down the list is a bit gloomy, and that gloom is amplified as cases surge and death counts climb across the country. The fighting around and politicizing of what that information means doesn’t help. Small victories and bright spots must be taken where and when available.

That’s why it was good to see the opening of a new kayak launch site on the Elk River in Charleston this week.

Kayaking, rafting and canoeing are things people in West Virginia can do right now, and to have a site for that in the capital city is a little sparkle of light in the daily onslaught of discouraging, although vital, information. It’s certainly a bonus for those who enjoy such water activity and an invitation for others looking for something new to do to check it out. It’s a good investment of city funds, given current circumstances.

As Mayor Amy Goodwin put it, “we can do the outdoors all day.”

It’s virtually impossible to violate social distancing guidelines in a single-occupant kayak, unless something has gone terribly wrong. Multiple occupants in a raft, canoe or two-person kayak still need to use some common sense, if they’re not living in the same household, but being outside and moving certainly lowers transmission risk. And it’s an activity that is good for the body and the mind, something most everyone can use about now.

If you’re a master or a novice, now is a good time to take advantage of this activity in Charleston. Openings for new activities have been a rarity as of late, and who knows how much longer that will be the case.


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